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05/24/17 Under the California Public Records Act § 6250 et seq., I am requesting the 2015 and 2016 reports... Animal Care Services Richard Molinari
05/10/17 County of MendocinoDepartment of TransportationRFP No. DOT 17-01Proposal to Provide Landfill Wate... Transportation Chamise Cubbison
05/10/17 Requesting electronic copies of all software purchases over the last 12 months. The fields that w... Executive Office Sarah Dukett
05/09/17 Statment by Board of Supervisors sometime during summer of 2000 that paving four miles of the Min... Executive Office Sarah Dukett
04/26/17 I would like to obtain the list of affected APN numbers in regards to the present moratorium on n... Planning & Building Adrienne Thompson
04/26/17 Electronic copies of the seven proposals that were submitted in response to the LANDFILL WATER AN... Transportation Chamise Cubbison
04/25/17 Dear Custodian of Public Records,Please advise the previous request was not complete per to scann... Executive Office Sarah Dukett
04/24/17 I am requesting an electronic copy (MS Word or fillable pdf) of the Medical Cannabis Cultivation ... Sarah Dukett
04/03/17 Any and all documents pertaining to an agreement between 1998-2017 Sierra Nevada World Music Fest... Executive Office Sarah Dukett
04/03/17 I am an undergraduate in the College of Natural Resources at UC Berkeley. I am currently working ... Planning & Building Adrienne Thompson
03/29/17 I would like to know if, during the last redistricting (most likely in 2011), the county created ... Executive Office Sarah Dukett
03/29/17 This is a follow up requires for my previous PRA request 17-63.   PENSION ENHANCEMENTS 2002 - 2... Executive Office Sarah Dukett
03/27/17 I am interested in reviewing the CUPA/LOP files for Jensen's Truck Stop, 1460 Lovers Lane/190 Kuk... Environmental Health Dave Jensen
03/25/17 Any inspections or site surveys done at the property 14770 Navarro Way, Manchester CA in the past... Planning & Building Adrienne Thompson
03/22/17 Please provide me with the cannabis ordinance that was approved at the 3/21 BOS meeting. Thank yo... Executive Office Sarah Dukett
03/22/17 Clean copies of the two ordinances (MCC Chapters 10 and 20) that were introduced for first readin... Planning & Building Adrienne Thompson
03/21/17 Dear Julie or Custodian of Public Records, SmartProcure is submitting a public records request to... Executive Office Sarah Dukett
03/15/17 1. Under the California Public Records Act, please provide copies of all Kennel cards, the names ... Animal Care Services Richard Molinari
03/13/17 Dear Public Records Officer, We are writing to request copies of all original Ordinances pertai... Assessor/Clerk-Recorder; Executive Office Sarah Dukett
02/28/17 The following information is requested from UC Berkeley Law School's Policy Advocacy Clinic, from... Health and Human Services Agency Laura Vandewarker
03/09/17 I want to inspect County documents related to the issues defined below. I am not requesting copie... Executive Office Sarah Dukett
03/08/17 The Mendocino Community Health Improvement Project is coordinating action groups targeting 5 key ... Human Resources Emma Saucedo
03/08/17 I'd like a copy of letter sent out to people enrolled in county 9.31 program, informing public th... Sheriff-Coroner Sue Anzilotti
03/07/17 Would you please send to me the most recent marijuana cultivation ordinance being drafted? Would... Executive Office Sarah Dukett
03/02/17 Please provide: *Mendocino County's original/current contract, and all related contract addenda,... Sheriff-Coroner; Executive Office Sarah Dukett
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