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06/04/18 Board of Supervisors minutes most likely in April 2000, declaring a public health state of emerge... Executive Office Sarah Dukett
05/10/18 On behalf of Friends of the Eel River, and pursuant to the California Public Records Act ("CPRA"... Executive Office Sarah Dukett
04/30/18 Please provide all contract data and information in regards to the contract between Mendocino Cou... County Counsel CoCo Support
04/18/18 I've lost my property file (APN 142-033-11) with all my records, including building permits. Ple... Planning & Building Adrienne Thompson
04/17/18 Please provide all Board updates regarding the Redwood Complex fires, including related attachmen... Executive Office Sarah Dukett
04/05/18 See attached PDF request Probation Cathy White
04/12/18 1. All records reflecting the County's current policies, practices or procedures regarding employ... County Counsel; Human Resources Emma Saucedo
04/12/18 County of Mendocino Keeper of the Records:Per Government Code Section 6253 I request a copy of th... Executive Office Sarah Dukett
03/27/18 This is Esteban on behalf of K Street Consulting. I am contacting you because I was wondering if ... Executive Office ; Auditor-Controller Sarah Dukett
03/22/18 I would like to request the following information for property located at 2101 Valley Road, Willi... Planning & Building Adrienne Thompson
03/20/18 Looking for the recruitment contract for the ag commissioners job, that was executed by the Count... Human Resources Emma Saucedo
03/19/18 copy of OA 2018-0003 Planning & Building Adrienne Thompson
03/07/18 Onvia is submitting a public records request. Can you please provide contract award and bid tabul... Planning & Building Adrienne Thompson
03/01/18 Any and all information regarding the position and county relationship with the County Fire Warde... Executive Office ; County Counsel Sarah Dukett
02/13/18 The dates and titles held by Jeanine Nadel as Mendocino County Counsel. The dates and titles hel... Human Resources Emma Saucedo
02/12/18 Copy of Mendocino County Resolution no. 08-130 as it relates to building permit fees. Planning & Building Adrienne Thompson
02/08/18 The job descriptions for the elected officials of the Auditor and Treasure Tax Collector. County Counsel CoCo Support
01/31/18 Hello, I recently came across this project: Timber Harvest Plan (THP) for the following area in ... Planning & Building Adrienne Thompson
01/23/18 Request 18-15, response stated video was paid from Executive Office BU 1120, but looking at the C... Sarah Dukett
01/19/18   A list of all special districts or other government entities within the county. Copies of a... County Counsel; Human Resources Emma Saucedo
01/19/18 What is the salary of CEO Carmel Angelo? What is the salary of Michael Kierdrowski? Human Resources Emma Saucedo
01/19/18   What is the individual population size of each District in our county? District 1 District 2... Executive Office Sarah Dukett
01/16/18 We are requesting any public records regarding 1000 Navarro Bluff Rd Albion Ca 95410, from the ye... Health and Human Services Agency ; Environmental Health Trey Strickland
01/16/18 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=atGvnL9jhd4 How much money did the video cost? Executive Office Sarah Dukett
01/11/18 How many official titles for the County of Mendocino does CEO Angelo hold?  Please list all title... Executive Office Sarah Dukett
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