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07/26/17 Coastal Development Permit CDP_2014-0016 Stephen & Diana Sweet 34541 Pelican Way Fort Bragg... Planning & Building Adrienne Thompson
07/19/17 My name is John Blattner, with California Common Cause. I'd like to submit a Public Records Act r... Executive Office Sarah Dukett
07/13/17 Requester would like to get a copy of the most recent adopted ordinance, regarding the increase i... Executive Office Sarah Dukett
07/12/17 also request a e-mail copy of the contract RE: item 4ab on the BoS Agenda 7/11/2017 With Liebert ... Executive Office Sarah Dukett
07/03/17 Please check all public records, all agencies, all departments, to confirm the property and busin... Planning & Building ; Environmental Health ; Treasurer-Tax Collector Adrienne Thompson
06/30/17 I am looking for a list of all the Fueling Stations registered in our Service Area (Mendocino Cou... Agriculture Caralyn Gulseth
06/26/17 Please send me a signed copy of the letter sent by the Board of Supervisors to Secretary of the I... Executive Office Sarah Dukett
06/22/17 I am working on insuring a business in Mendocino; Agate Cove Inn. The building was originally bui... Planning & Building Adrienne Thompson
06/21/17 Deeds Sarah Dukett
06/20/17 RE: Mendocino County Board of Supervisors Meeting of 6-20-2017 Item 5 c) NCCT contract .I would l... County Counsel; Probation CoCo Support
06/19/17 Any and all records in the County's care, custody, or control including notices, staff reports, r... Executive Office Sarah Dukett
06/19/17 Any and all records in the County's care, custody, or control including notices, staff reports, r... Executive Office Sarah Dukett
06/19/17 From the May 21, 2013 board of supervisors meeting.Board of Supervisors agreement #13-015ratifyin... Executive Office Sarah Dukett
06/15/17 Hello, I understand there was a report to the BOS when the county PHFF unit was closed some time... Executive Office Sarah Dukett
06/14/17 Any and all permits issued or applied for for APN 108-231-05 Planning & Building Adrienne Thompson
06/07/17 I would like to request a public records search for the following property: 11531 East Road, Red... Planning & Building ; Environmental Health Sarah Dukett
06/02/17 List of approved marijuana cultivators. List of properties zoned for marijuana properties. County Counsel; Planning & Building CoCo Support
06/05/17 Re: Public Health Building Roof and HVAC Replacement Project – 1120 S. Dora Street, Ukiah, CA 954... Executive Office Sarah Dukett
06/02/17 Documents related to any and all County Fire Districts that have submitted a request to do the bu... Executive Office Sarah Dukett
06/01/17 RFP No. DOT 17-01 Landfill Water and Gas Monitoring and Reporting Program for Mendocino County La... Transportation Chamise Cubbison
05/30/17 Any information pertaining to my house built in 1915previous owner name and any inforemodels and ... Planning & Building Adrienne Thompson
05/24/17 Under the California Public Records Act § 6250 et seq., I am requesting the 2015 and 2016 reports... Animal Care Services Richard Molinari
05/10/17 County of MendocinoDepartment of TransportationRFP No. DOT 17-01Proposal to Provide Landfill Wate... Transportation Chamise Cubbison
05/10/17 Requesting electronic copies of all software purchases over the last 12 months. The fields that w... Executive Office Sarah Dukett
05/09/17 Statment by Board of Supervisors sometime during summer of 2000 that paving four miles of the Min... Executive Office Sarah Dukett
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