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04/03/19 Dear Ms. Bekkie Emery, On behalf our clients and pursuant to the California Public Records Act, ... Health and Human Services Agency Ashley Martin
04/09/19 Any and all records related to the designated address for real property: APNs 015-410-01 and 015-... Planning & Building Adrienne Thompson
04/08/19 For the property address of: 224 E SCHOOL WAY, REDWOOD VALLEY, CA 95470/162-140-05-00: Please pr... Assessor/Clerk-Recorder; Planning & Building Adrienne Thompson
04/02/19 To whom it may concern, I'm trying to get ahold of an old presentation made to the Mendocino Boa... Executive Office Sarah Dukett
03/26/19 What was the original cost to set up the Cannabis Program in the Ag Department and what was the d... Executive Office Sarah Dukett
03/25/19 Good afternoon,  I am looking to obtain the most recently updated list of CUPA facilities (exhau... Environmental Health Trey Strickland
03/22/19 data for timber company herbicide use on private forest lands in Mendocino County for 2012 -2018. Agriculture Caralyn Gulseth
03/22/19 Dear Sir / Madam, I am writing to ask for your help with a request under the California Public R... Retirement Judy Zeller
03/18/19 Request juvenile probation data for 2017 and 2018 in Mendocino County Total # of juvenile in pro... Probation Cathy White
03/13/19 Request for information from voided/stale dated over $1000 arising from property tax refunds, exc... Treasurer-Tax Collector Matthew Kiedrowski
03/13/19 Mitigation fee audits or reports (e.g., those called for in Government Code sections 66006 or 660... Planning & Building Adrienne Thompson
03/11/19 Could you tell me if both houses are permitted and have finals on 3101 Bus Mcgall Ukiah please? Planning & Building Adrienne Thompson
03/05/19 I need the minutes from a BOS meeting which took place May 9, 1995 @ 8:30 am   Executive Office Sarah Dukett
03/04/19 CAL INC Training, LLC Consulting Group is conducting a Phase I Environmental Assessment of the pr... Planning & Building ; Environmental Health Trey Strickland
02/25/19 PRA Request submitted by Priscilla A. Ocen, Professor of Law, Loyola Law School - Los Angeles att... Probation Cathy White
02/26/19 PRA Request submitted by Priscilla A. Ocen, Professor of Law, Loyola Law School - Los Angeles att... Probation Cathy White
02/20/19 1.  PUR records from July 2018 - December 2018   2.  MSPUR records from Jan 2017 thru Dec 2018 ... Agriculture Caralyn Gulseth
02/20/19 I am seeking information about the payment of Third District Supervisor John Haschak's salary.  F... Human Resources Emma Saucedo
02/19/19 I would like to request the following two files. 
Agricultural Pesticide Use Reporting (P...
Agriculture Caralyn Gulseth
02/07/19 Resolution No. 06-216 adopted by the Board of Supervisors on November 14, 2006 Executive Office Sarah Dukett
02/07/19 We are searching for food safety inspections for the following locations:
1. Safeway: 660 S Ma...
Environmental Health Trey Strickland
02/05/19 In search of public record of Confidential HazMat Investigation pertaining to the subject address... Environmental Health Trey Strickland
01/28/19 Proof of Marriage Dissolution/divorce, Pennie Darcy vs. John Darcy, 1996 Sarah Dukett
01/23/19 I'd like all public records pertaining to the property 17700 Redwood Springs Drive in Fort Bragg,... Planning & Building Adrienne Thompson
01/17/19 32301 N. Harbor Drive, Fort Bragg CA 95437 Ownership records Planning & Building Adrienne Thompson
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